Have A Pink Valentine's Day at Kerry Centre

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Love is romantic and sweet, but being single also means freedom and fun. This Valentine's day at Hangzhou Kerry Centre, you will find lots of surprises. Not only will there be a great valued Valentine's dinner for you couples, but also there will be an unexpected surprise for all of the singles. No matter whether you have him/her this year, we hope you just live you life, and be happy every day.

On February 14th, all the single boys and girls can go to the service desk on the first floor at the Kerry Centre and ask for a random single bracelet, then start looking for the other one who is wearing the same color bracelet. The first 50 couples who paired succeed (the color and the text content need to be the same) will receive a box of GODIVA chocolate as well as a rose from About Flowers.

Time: February 14, 2017 

Venue: Hangzhou Kerry Centre 

Location: Service desk on the 1st floor

 I didn't eat dog food today 今天狗粮我不吃 (Apple green / Orange  苹果绿/橙色)

 We agreed to get old together and not hide our white hair, but you secretly got your hair dyed 说好一起到白头 你却偷偷焗了油 (Sky blue / Pink 天空蓝/粉红色) 

 I’m single, but I’m proud 我单身 但是我骄傲 (Purple / Yellow  紫色/黄色) 

 Youth doesn’t last forever, so let’s fall in love 青春不常在 抓紧谈恋爱 (Red / Green  红色/绿色)

This pink Valentine’s

A little sense of ceremony

Make love sweeter

February 14th, this year

Hangzhou Kerry Centre

Presents you with the sweet gifts

The feeling of love, is sweet to your heart

  [ DESSERT ]  

 Mr.Choi 蔡嘉法式甜品 

| In the Name of Love |

 WHERE: 1st floor of Kerry Centre


Combination of “The Night of Loving You”


Inside: Valentine’s Cake, mini insulated bag and two pieces of reusable ice.


Combination of “In the Name of Love”


Inside: Valentine’s Cake, 375ml Champagne Delamotte, mini insulated bag and two pieces of reusable ice.


Dream of Love |

 WHERE: 1st floor of Kerry Centre


Pure Love Chocolate Gift Box

Love is all around us, included in each bite of the new Slices of Love chocolates! Inspired by the most seductive cake recipes from around the world and crafted with passion, this 20 pc assortment includes refreshing Strawberry Shortcake, dark and dreamy Sacher Torte, velvety Creme Brulee, chocolate and almond Paris-Brest, irresistible Lemon Cheesecake, and Green Tea Chiffon Cake, plus traditional Belgian favorites.


Valentine's Day Chocolate Hearts Tower

Give two times the love with this heart-shaped Valentine's Day gift set filled with exceptional chocolates.


Slices of Love Round Chocolate Gift Box

The beautifully illustrated round gift box is a romantic Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend or spouse. Filled with 9 luscious chocolates from our new collection, called Slices of Love.

Valentine's Day at GODIVA, of course, there will be more new tricks.

Inspired by the idea of the most popular classic afternoon tea desserts from Tokyo, Paris, New York, this is the unique insights for love from Tokyo based GODIVA chocolate master Yannick Chevolleau. This Valentine's day, prepared a “Feast of Love” for her, and enjoy every moment of love.

GODIVA Valentine’s Day Promotion

Spent 388RMB, and receive IWC 5 pc chocolate, or chocolate beans, or butterfly biscuits for free

Spend 588RMB, and receive designated chocolate chips for free

Spent 888RMB, and receive 16 pc chocolate chips for free

Promotion time: Feb. 4th – 19th

G.Legrand 积乐家

Only love and desserts cannot be live up to |

 WHERE: 2nd floor of Kerry Centre


Paris Chanson (Valentine’s limited version)

Whispers of love: Whispers of love: Only available on Valentine’s, 100 only.

The sweet and sour raspberry with lychee and fragrant custard cream, like sweet love, has both inner side beauty and outside beauty.



Whispers of love: Only designed to celebrate the anniversary of design.

The perfect combination of strawberries, raspberries and Chantilly cream, like love people together, every day is the anniversary of love.


Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea


The Expression of Love



Tell her that you love her |

 WHERE: 1st floor of Kerry Centre



When the arrow of Cupid hits two people, it is love magic, the ambiguous feelings spark friction. No matter how long you know each other, you can always use a variety of smart jewelry to let her know your feelings about her.



Pink is the colour for love, when love is gradually warming up, everything seems to be surrounded by pink love bubbles. Every girl’s heart needs to be loved, with the rose color butterfly, set off her romantic girl atmosphere, "you are my perfect guy".



When two people’s hearts embrace each other, the lock of love witnesses your love, the happiness freezes forever, the love puts your feelings together, and the endless affection as hidden among them expresses the most affectionate confession, "I will always love you".



The eternal love, begins with the sweet romance, leads to a life time love. The ribbon of love connected two people, and wound into a sweetly shape of heart, knowing your life will never be separated, "I will always be with you".

Pandora Valentine’s Day Promotion

Purchase any full price jewelry for more than 880RMB, and get a limited heart shaped jewelry box

Only a limited number available, first come first serve. 

Not to be combined with other offers

Promotion time: Feb. 12th – 14th

Sound Town 声音小镇

Spoiler for Valentine’s Day Promotion

 WHERE: 3rd floor of Kerry Centre


Hormone Party

7pm - 9pm on Feb 14th

DJ will be playing in the store, as well as Valentine's Day award-winning interaction confession to help you pass the hottest, sweetest love, and giving out the Valentine's day gift.


Limited Gift Box

From Feb. 10th – 14th


Inside: Belgian heart chocolate, Ritter Sport chocolate, Delirium beer.

Except for these, plus the whole universe limited Elvis Presley little prince speaker love gift box (499RMB). We know how difficult it is to get pink and red, he/she should get your love this time, now move fast.


Couple Interaction

Starts at 7pm on Feb. 14th

The Sound Town dedicated a photo shooting area for all couples, they will provide a variety of props for everyone to take the “hot” photos. The couple who buy the headset / speaker on the 14th, will get a free Polaroid picture by showing the receipt, the photo will be taken by their staff.


Must Buy

Give a gift to the person you love, maybe the right gift will help you to settle down your relationship. The Sound Town has picked TOP 5 gifts, and all the most popular singers CD are available.

Promotion time: Feb. 10th – 14th

About Flowers

All love should have flowers present |

Import flowers please book in advance 

 WHERE: 4th floor of Kerry Centre


Your Fragrance

1080RMB (Includes the candle)

You are as elegant as a cat, the smell of rosemary, I try to catch your scent to hide into my arms


“Spend Money” Flower


To satisfy your wish, here is the flower that smells of money, the YSL, Chanel, Dior that you want are here.


The Sky of Ecuador

980RMB (11 blue rose)

The sky is filled with layers of thoughts, and I’m walking with you under the blue and white sky, you are as quiet as a girl, and I just want to tell you how much I miss you.


The Winter Sun


Love is the storm from the winter snow, violent whistling, stinging my skin, but it is also the sun in the cold winter, warming our faces.

The romantic love is beautiful enough to feast the eyes


blue frog 蓝蛙

 WHERE 店铺地址: 1st floor of Kerry Centre 杭州嘉里中心1楼


Double Integral

Love whisper: Buying gift cards or pay with special vouchers will not be able to obtain the membership integral.

Member consumers who come to blue frog on Feb. 14th, will enjoy the double integral.


Double Glass Romance

From 4pm till they close on Feb. 14th, each table spend more than 388RMB will get two glasses of Strawberry Temptation cocktail or a piece of strawberry cake. 

Promotion time: Feb. 14th


| Valentine’s For You & Me

 WHERE: 2nd floor of Kerry Centre

Valentine’s Set Menu


Promotion time: Feb. 10th - 19th


| Let’s Treasure Each Other |

 WHERE: Kerry Centre Walking District


Share Your Lovely Photo

100 limited from 11am – 6pm

Take a photo like below, and share it on your moment will get you a bottle craft beer for free (value 35RMB).


Couple’s Special

20 limited from 10am – 10pm

Tex Mex lobster roll, Sweetie lips shrimp roll, lobster quesadilla, two glasses of sparkling wine. 

Lobster meat with BBQ sauce, slowly cooked with smoked bacon, enjoy the flavor of Taxes. Tender tiger shrimp meat with fresh mint and sweet strawberry grain.


Single’s Special

10am – 10pm

If you are single, you will get a fortune cookie, meet the other single one that has the fortune cookie, share your story, share your luck, maybe he/she is the one for you.

Promotion time: Feb. 14th


| With you, life is better than a poem

 WHERE: B1 floor of Kerry Centre

Cherries in a Heart Shaped Gift Box

Promotion time: Jan. 30th - Feb. 14th

Wagas 沃歌斯

| Say “Tiramisu” to Your Lover 

 WHERE: 1st floor of Kerry Centre

Tiramisu Latte


Tiramisu, in Italian, it means “think of me”, “remember me”, “take me away”, you are not only taking away the delicacy, but also love and happiness.

 element fresh 新元素 

| The Romantic Night for My Dearest You |

 WHERE: 1st floor of Kerry Centre


Classic Menu for Two


Inside: Spicy chicken taco, Caribbean roasted beef salad or roasted salmon salad, cheese macaroni and chicken breast or seafood pasta, two glasses of fresh fruit juice


Premium Menu for Two


Inside: Mediterranean assorted platter, Caribbean roasted beef salad or roasted salmon salad, shrimp cocktail with salmon or roasted lamb chop, French apple rolls, two glasses of sparkling wine or fresh fruit juice.


Premium Menu for Two


Inside: Mediterranean assorted platter, shrimp cocktail with salmon or roasted lamb or roasted imported ribeye steak, French apple rolls or chocolate cake, two glasses of sparkling wine or fresh fruit juice.

Promotion time: Feb. 14th

 Kerry Centre / 杭州嘉里中心

385 Yan'an Road 


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